St. Louis Foundation Repairs and Basement Repair

Foundation Repairs St. Louis, MOAs the name suggests, the foundation of your home is the very thing that supports your home. Having a sound foundation is, well, the very foundation of a safe and healthy home. But like all parts of your home, your foundation needs maintenance and even repairs in order for it to continue doing its job properly. So why is your foundation so important?


St. Louis averages 42 inches of rainfall per year, and one of the enemies of foundation health is water. Water is one of the greatest forces of nature, and it can damage and erode your foundation, leading to repairs being needed. As your home ages, it settles, meaning that it is shifting in the earth around it. Rainfall can accelerate this shifting, or can lead to there being an increased pressure on your foundation itself. As your foundation shifts, small cracks may appear. However small these cracks may seem however, they need to be assessed and likely repaired. 


When problems in your foundation go unchecked, it can lead to all sorts of damage, but one of the most common is flooding. As rain falls or snow melts, it seeps into the ground around your foundation. However, if your foundation has damage to it, that water can more easily enter your basement repair. Even if you don’t notice a large pool of water, small amounts can cause damage too. Water in your basement can lead to mold and mildew issues, potentially going unnoticed if they are happening behind finished walls, and can even lead to severe respiratory distress. Major flooding can damage vital home systems such as your HVAC system and water heater, meaning you have to pay to have those replaced on top of any other damage the flooding may have caused. The moral of the story is that if you notice cracks in your foundation, it is time to have them checked and repaired.


Foundation repair costs a lot less than foundation overhauls, and the sooner you have the issues repaired, the less likely they are to cause other major issues. The truth is that foundation problems aren’t going to go away on their own, and they will likely only get worse as time goes on if left without the proper repairs. Often foundation repairs are as simple as needing polyurethane injected into a crack or space to keep water out, and will not set you back thousands of dollars. However, by waiting on fixing the issue, the problems will only start to compound.


If foundations are left without repairs, your entire home may begin to suffer. There are several signs that your foundation has damage that has been left for too long: sloped or sagging walls, cracks in exterior sheetrock or bricks, door jams that are no longer square, or even decaying materials in the home. These can all mean that your foundation is in need of some serious care. So rather than wait until these problems occur, catch the symptoms early, and have cracks inspected. The repairs are not going to get less expensive with time, and may lead to irreparable damage. With your foundation, it is better to be safe than sorry. Unless you know you just need Houston concrete leveling, make sure you get your foundation repaired.